International Sunday: Chinese model struts her stuff

International Sunday was started to promote diversity and tolerance amongst the different groups of race, ethnicity and nationalities living, working and playing in Singapore. Afterall, Sunday is the day when most of us get a day of rest, well, most of us, anyway.

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Serina Wee of City Harvest trying to rip off Singaporean again?

Singaporeans might have to stop looking at Serina Wee for moment and realise that she might be ripping off Singaporeans again, no matter how much of a MILF she is.

We know that the church leadership of City Harvest is on trial for misappropriating church monies to fund the (non-existent) singing career of Sun Ho. What we also know is that CHC preaches something esoteric called prosperity bible where devotees are pressured into contributing a substantial amount of their earnings to the church. What the church does with the money? Don't ask, don't question, don't say.

So what is the conduct and character of some of these so-called holy men and women doing the work of God by running a church? Some might say they are wrongly accused while others would say they are corrupted. From Kong Hee copying sermons, to Sun Ho's boob job and affair with Mark Kwan, and their venture into high fashion that belittles religion, I tend to agree with the view that they are corrupted because the evidence is compelling.

Now some might think the rest of them, like Serina Wee, are being led astray by Kong Hee and Sun Ho, but I think otherwise. If anything, they are of the same mould. When Serina Wee announced the launch of her blogshop, you begin to realise what these people are after and how opportunistic they are. Religion and working for a church was just a facade.

Despite being on trial, she was smart enough to use her fame to launch her business, and allow her facebook pictures to remain accessible to the public so that they can lap up her fashionista holy goodness (but what can I say, Singaporeans are gullible that way). Not only that, she rips off unknowing Singaporeans by selling the same dress on her blogshop for almost double the price.

See this straightforward comparison of the same dress between missystella (by Serina Wee) and Saturday Club (another blogshop). The dresses are identical and red colour is available in both websites, but one retails for $37 while Serina Wee sells her for $69!

(Thanks to reader Daphne for informing SHS.)

There might be more examples but I am not that sort who would go through the catalog of a blogshop. Suffice to say, from what I see thus far, Serina Wee is no angel either despite her angelic looks. 


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