Shy Yet Playful Asian Girlfriend Daring Pantyhose And Short Tight Skirt Public Stairway Show


Shy yet playful Asian girlfriend has a lot more naughty things to show us... This time she is posing for some daring pictures in the stairway and putting on a really good tease in public. She is wearing a thong, pantyhose, heels, a short tight skirt and a sheer through top minus a bra which provide a good view of her tits. Anyway, this is a lot of teasing going on in this set but don't worry you with get to see pussy by the end. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.



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Olivia in white

Here's one for the weekend. Just to make sure your blood is flowing.

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DJ Tenashar aka Typhoon Girl gets her fake boobs wet in HK

Recently, a Singaporean model cum DJ hit the headlines in Hong Kong for going out on a photography shoot during the forceful Usagi Typhoon. Some had a good laugh, others said she was an attention seeker, while some say what she did was a hazard and might cause an accident. 

What's more interesting that most people miss is how large and beautiful her fake boobs look. And check out her older pictures, I am sure some work was done to make her face more almond shaped and eyes bigger. Just love the shit these bitches go through trying to get famous! Hah! 

And she claims to be embedded with "European mindset", like wtf does that mean?? Easy to bed?? 



Profile Bio Data / Biography

Stage Name: DJ Tenashar

Real Name: Debbie Valerie Long

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 48 kg

Measurements: 34 24 33

About: Debbie Valerie Long or better known by her stage name as DJ Tenashar was born and brought up in Singapore by a Eurasian father and a Chinese mother, but has lived most of their years in Spain and Europe. Tenashar's Eurasian heritage is that of Spanish and Chinese. After spending most of her early modelling and DJing days in Europe (Spain, Ibiza, Italy). This FHM Cover girl is now based in Hong Kong and models and DJs internationally. 

Tenashar's talents extends beyond the realm of modelling, but also to photography, disk-jockeying and entrepreneurship. Tenashar was also once a broker in the financial world of Singapore but she gave up this career to follow her passion for photography and modeling eventually. 

Proficient in English, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin, it is no surprise the name Tenashar is fast becoming internationally known. Her modelling career has already seen a series of successful shoots with notable brand names such has Cosmopolitan, FHM, Asian Geographic, Wardrobe Fashion Trends (WTF) and Fashion TV.

As a model embedded with a European mindset, she hopes to work with more photographers and artists in her pursuit of creating more photos that would transcend the boundaries of conventional modeling. Where others might see modeling as a means, Tenashar sees beyond that, where what she does is an art form.