Chinese model sells her plastic Ch** Bye to mass market

This is epic. It even comes with prerecorded moans and pleasures!!

China's internet celebrity and "top nude model" Zhang Xiaoyu has released a sex toy modeled on her nether regions that promises some of the best sex you'll ever have with a piece of plastic filled with electric bits.

The device is a small-scale model of Zhang’s back, buttocks and thighs with a prominent vibrating simulation vagina, coming in a pack complete with lubricant and nude photographs of Zhang. It costs 783 yuan.

The product page on the official Zhang Xiaoyu website claims the device is the “only one in the world’ to offer a “4D new orgasm experience” that literally “surpasses reality”. The device is capable of simulating vaginal muscle contractions, boasts of its lifelike texture, and comes with a prerecorded soundtrack of Zhang’s moans and cries of pleasure, which will “shout you to a pleasurable penetration”. It declares itself to be the “most realistic sex experience in the world” and allows you to “have sex with Zhang Xiaoyu to your heart’s content”.

But one thing don't change: Ah Tiongs and their unusual fondness for unshaven armpits. Check out these pictures of Zhang Xiaoyu. 


Chito Miranda And Neri Naig Leaked Sex Video Sex Scandal

The Philippines just keep the celebrity sextapes coming... This time around the frontman of Parokya Ni Edgar music band Chito Miranda and his actress girlfriend Neri Naig are the newest victims of a leaked sex video scandal which went viral on the web. Chito Miranda admitted that he and girlfriend Neri Naig are the couple in a sex video that is circulating online. Rumors have been swirling on the Internet about an alleged steamy tryst between the Parokya Ni Edgar lead-vocalist Chito Miranda and actress Neri Naig before the admission came from Miranda. The video of Miranda and the 2004 Star Circle Quest 6th runner up shows them naked and having sexual intercourse. The video appear to have been made with a laptop webcam. Naig is also seen performing oral sex on Miranda as he watched on the laptop. It was uploaded on video-sharing site YouTube but was quickly taken down. Screenshots were instantly being reposted on social media nonstop since then. 

On his Instagram account, chitomirandajr, the 37-year-old singer-songwriter apologized for a leaked "private video." "We are truly saddened by the fact that someone leaked the private video of me and my girlfriend, Neri Naig," Miranda posted on Instagram. "I am asking for forgiveness from our families for this unfortunate incident," he said in a mixture of English and Filipino. Later in his tweet, he said: "Our hard drive was stolen from our room in our house along with several other stuff…" He also apologized to Naig’s parents for the "leaked private video." And Chito Miranda is defending his girlfriend from her online bashers. Pinoystop is reporting:

Less than a week after their private video leaked, Parokya Ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda defended his girlfriend Neri Naig from those criticizing their act on the video.
He said it is okay for him if people will just lambast him since he is probably not a good man, but Naig is a good person who doesn't deserve to be bashed the way she is being now. 
Miranda said in statement that although his girlfriend is not as well-known as some other artists, she continues to help an aeta village during her spare time. That's the kind of woman she is. She also does not publicize her good deeds, the singer said. 
Naig also spends time taking care of her pets and her garden, Miranda said. He then thanked the people who supported him and his girlfriend through these tough times. 
Last week, a sex video of Miranda and Naig, who have been together for less than two years, spread like wildfire on the Internet. Miranda admitted they were the ones in the video, and apologized to his family and to Naig's family. 
He said his hard drive was stolen from his room, and that was why the video leaked. However, reports said it was Miranda's son who spread the video on the Internet because he was angry at his father. Also, he seemed not to like Naig for Miranda. 
Miranda's alleged son said Naig is just after his father's money. The Parokya Ni Edgar frontman is yet to release his statement regarding the alleged statements of his son.

In releasing these statements Miranda confirmed that the couple in the sex video were really him and 27-year-old Naig. Despite the request of both parties to end the circulation of the sex video, people are still sharing the links of the sex video featuring Chito Miranda and Neri Naig. So now Chito Miranda and Neri Naig are considering taking legal options against anyone caught uploading their sex video. Anyway, the video is about 7 minutes long and you can get the download links for this celebrity sex tape below. Enjoy! Click on  pictures to enlarge. 

Couple photos of Chito Miranda with Neri Naig:

Photos of Chito Miranda:

Screen shot thumbnails:


Chito Miranda And Neri Naig Leaked Sex Video Sex Scandal Sextape

File Size: 15.5 MB - Format: MP4 - Runtime: 7:17 minutes




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DJ Tenashar cannot stop crying while denying fake boob job

Previously Singapore Hall of Shame disclosed popular local DJ-model Tenashar and alleged claims that she had plastic surgery done to her boobs and facial features. The links are here, here and here.

DJ Tenashar has contacted SHS to maintain her innocence saying that she had never ever gone under the knife. She added that the naked photos are her personal property (she engaged the photographer and she paid him) and the photographer who took it, Ben Heys, have sold them to a porn site for ill-gotten profits.

SHS has contacted Ben Heys to clarify but he has not responded. Although the photos are supposedly her personal property, they are still readily available via the porn website. See here.