From Changi Airport to Hollywood Hills: Sun Ho's amazing transformation

There have been vicious online rumours circulating that Sun Ho is a cheat as well. She allegedly cheated on the beautiful body that God has given her by getting breasts enhancements. In the wanton years of promoting herself in USA under so-called Christian outreach project, she has secretly changed her Changi Airport to Hollywood Hills. Many Singaporeans criticised her for music saying that they in no way promote Christianity with bad lyrics, little clothing and raunchy MTVs.

In her previous form, Sun had no capital to be the sexy dance queen she aspired to be and so something had to be done. But if this is true, then the online rumours are no longer vicious but merely a process of revealing the truth to the public. 

Let the pictures speak for themselves:

Sun Ho early in her singing career

Sun Ho's amazing transformation in USA:
Must see video to see how papayas can grow in your late 30s:



Pastor Kong Hee copied homework

Some of you may have already forgotten, but it is time to remind you not all Raffles boys are good boys. Very shameful of Kong Hee to be copying from Leadership Bible and claiming it to be his. The pictures speak louder than words.

Kong Hee is a serial. He not only misuse funds for his wife ultra un-Christian sexy suggestive videos, he can't even write his own sermons. He copies and doesn't give acknowledgements.

These were first revealed by cheatgrace. Read more of naughty Kong Hee copying other people's work here, here, here, here and here. So how many examples do CHC members need to see before they accept that their pastor is a cheat?

Courtesy of Cheatgrace:
Megachurch pastor sets good example in how to plagiarize another person's work. This is an article he wrote for his website called "Thomas Faith". Can see in the screeehshots. His (so he claims it to be) devotion article is also found here on his website See the first two paragraphs? Its a word for word copy of this article found in the Leadership Bible. I have attached two photograpsh I took of the article from Leadership Bible.

What is the point of talking so much about how many people you have saved when at the basic level, you copy others' work? Daily Devotion article are normally about how God has spoken to you as you meditate on the verse or character. So then can you honestly say this is what God uniquely said to you only?

Wahhh. this megachurch pastor copied a whole article from the Leadership Bible and paste as his own Daily Devotion on his KongHee.Com website... I have attached a jpeg of the article from his website here

This article is found in page 1258 of the Leadership Bble. Its a word-for-word 100% copy. Just check the photos of the leadership Bible page 1258 seen here. It is also found on Vol 1 day 61 of KH's "Renewing your spiritual life in 90 days." And thhen this megachurch superpastor can claim his boook, "all rights reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form without the written permission, with the exception of brief excerpts in magazine reviews". He can copy others' work but others cannot copy his. Even the work he has copied from others cannot be copied by another. :))

Pls lahh megachurch superpastor, how can you do this? Having done a Doctor of Theology, I am sure any respectable college will always warn you ahout crediting work not done by you

Jessica Biel Showing Off Her Perky Bikini Bottom In Puerto Rico


Here is Jessica Biel showing off her fit body and that tight perky ass of hers as she take a dip in the Caribbean sea on Friday while vacationing in Puerto Rico. And Jessica Biel was seriously flaunting her amazing physique in a tiny bikini bottom. A straight guy would never tire of looking at her butt as she walk around a beach. Although she was covered up on top, the 30 year-old actress left very little to the imagination when it came to her bottoms. And that is no surprise... This chick's ass is one of the most famous and admired in all of Hollywood, and we can clear see why in these paparazzi candids. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.



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