A girl who loved performing can no longer do so because of speeding

Murphy or 茉妃 or Chen Ren Yi was someone who loved her job as a singer/dancer/model if anyone ever saw her performed on the stage. She was always loving her moment in the limelight and proud of her portfolio as a glamour model. Unfortunately, the life of this vibrant young lady was cut short in her prime by a reckless act of speeding, a white Volkswagen tearing down ECP in a mindless blur.

Save lives. Don't speed. RIP Murphy.

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WARNING: Picture below are NSFW.


In a striped mood

If only the world came with a plushy sofa and was clearly marked with stripes...

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Joy Corrigan And Charlotte McKinney Bikini Photoshoot Candids In Miami


Here are Joy Corrigan and Charlotte McKinney doing a photo shoot for Summer Loves Swimwear on a beach in Miami. Joy Corrigan is the one in the green bikini and Charlotte McKinney is the one wearing the white bikini. Don't know much about these two models but I do know their little bums look nice in some tiny bikini bottoms. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

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