Beer Girl Party With Customers At KTV Club In Taiwan

                <p>This is what happen at a Taiwanese KTV room after the beer girl finish serving the liquor and the singing stop. Yeah, karaoke bars seems really interesting if you are into orgies or gangbanging some wild chick. Or interesting if you are a wild young woman interested in having sex with many random men for money.</p>


Cute Japanese schoolgirl shows her pink vagina, anus wrinkle (28pix)

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Pinoy husband-snatchers creating havoc in local Malay-Muslim community

Recently I caught my husband cheating on me. He has several contacts with women with weird names like ‘Heart’, ‘Wind’, ‘Cherry Love’, ‘Rain’. I dunno what is his fascination with Filipina women but I heard they they are very persuasive and always give men the girlfriend experience. There were several mushy text conversations between him and these women. The most heart broken ones come from a woman who claimed her name is ‘Ice’. Mind you they are still exchanging SMS. You see he is working in shipping line. He always say he travels a lot and will be back several days later. Whenever he comes back he will bring back a lot of money. But he never bring me out shopping. He will only pay for household expenses and very calculative. Now I know why he is so stingy. All these while he has so many mistresses and I am sure this woman named Ice is someone he has feelings for. We have a son and he is already in upper primary.

The government are bringing too many of them to Singapore and these women are taking away our husbands. Those who are married would know the challenges to keep a family together, have a decent saving, educate our children and also take care of our spouses so that they will not run away with foreigners. Everytime i see a filipino I get very angry. Because there are too many of them creating a mess out of our lives. Eversince my husband get to know Ice eveything change. He treats me like an invincible wife.

To Ice who stole my husband please use your brain and touch your heart. Don’t take away other people’s property or belonging. He is my husband. We are married. Please go back to your rotten country. To the Singapore government please stop bringing them in. They are the worst race in this whole wide world. If you have worked with them you will know what I mean.


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